Liquid Ring Compressors

NASH liquid ring compressors are the rugged, reliable solution for demanding process applications. Designed to compress wet, saturated, or dirty gases, our compressors have a history of reliable performance under difficult conditions such as oil & gas, chemical, vapor recovery, etc., without downtime for repairs or rebuilds. For operations when water is not compatible with the process gas, alternate seal liquids can be used.

Our vast compressor product line covers the greatest performance range of all liquid ring compressors worldwide and are available as single stage or two stage compressors. By handling higher capacities with less energy, our compressors reduce power and operating costs.

Through an ongoing commitment to research and product development, we continue to introduce quality compressors and product upgrades that excel under the most demanding conditions, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Need performance plus proven reliability? You need Nash.


Liquid Ring Compressor Range